Tenting FAQs

What’s the difference between black, blue, and white tenting?

Tenting is split up into three periods of varying difficulty, black, blue and white / flex. Requirements for each period are as follows:

  • Black Tenting: 2 during the day, 10 at night
  • Blue Tenting: 1 during the day, 6 at night
  • White and Flex Tenting: 1 during the day, 2 at night

30 of the 130 possible tents in K-Ville are reserved specifically for white tenting and another 30 are reserved for Flex Tenting.

Flex Tents are NOT guaranteed a spot in Cameron for the Carolina game.

What does it mean to Dirty Black/Blue tent?

Tents that begin on the first day of either the Black or Blue tenting period are not ordered immediately. Order for these tents is based on attendance at other sporting events during tenting season, as well as a Duke Basketball trivia test.

Dirty Tenting means that your tent began tenting after the first day of a tenting period, so your order is based only on when your tent started.

When is it considered day/night time?

  • Night Hours:

    Sunday - Thursday: 1:00 AM-7:00 AM

    Friday & Saturday: 2:30 AM-7:00 AM

  • All other times are considered daytime.

When do we get grace?

  • After every tent check for one hour.
  • Two hours before and after a Men’s or Women’s home basketball game.
  • One hour before and after a Men’s or Women’s away basketball game.
  • Weather-related grace is given in the following circumstances:
    • Temperatures below 25°F
    • Greater than 2” of accumulated snow
    • Sustained winds higher than 35 mph
    • Lightning within a six-mile radius
    • Severe weather warnings
    • Icy conditions
    • School closure
  • At any time, for any length at the discretion of the Head Line Monitors

Can I drink in K-Ville?

Yes, LDOC alcohol rules apply. Please don’t bring alcoholic beverages into either Wilson or the IM Gym.

Reminder: glass containers and drinking games are not allowed.

Tables are allowed only at the discretion of the Head Line Monitor.

Where can I go to the bathroom?

Restrooms are open 24/7 in the IM Gym, however, the IM Gym is not considered a part of K-Ville.

If you are caught in the IM Gym during a tent check, you will be marked as if you were not in K-Ville.

Are we allowed to have power generators or heaters?

No, K-Ville policy outlaws the use of any artificial heaters or power generators in K-Ville due to fire hazard.

What would you say are the necessities for a successful tenting experience?

A tent (duh), a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothing, hand warmers, lanterns, wooden pallets to place underneath your tent, gloves, pillows, and an unrelenting passion for everything Duke basketball. Some tenters also choose to bring air mattresses, lawn chairs, cots, etc.

Can I rush and tent at the same time?

YES. Both tenting and rush are very large time commitments and happen at the same time, yet are still manageable.

Tip: Coordinate rush/tenting schedules with your tent members to make sure your whole tent isn’t going to the same rush event, and thus can’t be in K-Ville.

Why do I need pallets?

Pallets help keep you warm(er) and dry(er) at night by keeping your tent off the ground.

What is the best way to schedule tenting shifts?

  • Popular apps include:
    • Google Drive
    • WheniWork
    • Duke Tenting

How do I sign up to tent?

Starting on January 3rd at 12 pm EST, you can register your here

What does the tent captain do?

The tent captain is the point person in a tent for all communication between that tent and the Line Monitors.

Can we change who is in our tent after we have registered our tent?

Yes, a tent is allowed to add or drop tenters from their roster for up to five days after they have started tenting in K-Ville. After that period of time has elapsed, all changes must be requested by emailing headlinemonitor@gmail.com.

Where can I find a list of all the tenting rules?

The long and short versions of K-Ville policy can be found on our home page and include all tenting rules.

How often are checks?

Checks happen regularly throughout all days and nights. Checks are necessary to keep the integrity of the line and to reward the people who are dedicating their time to K-Ville, so the Line Monitors will call them frequently.

Can I tent for Carolina and wait in line for other games at the same time?

Yes, but the use of tents for ranked walk-up line games in no way relates to tenting for the Carolina game. A group’s position in the line for Carolina does not dictate position in line for any other game and vice versa.