K-Ville Resident Right of Appeal

Dear K-Ville Residents,

If you feel that your rights have been violated or undue adverse action has been taken against you by the Line Monitors, you have the right to bring a Petition in front of the Duke Student Government Judiciary to request relief. Some examples of adverse action include an assessment of a missed tent check or dismissal of a group from tenting.

While the Judiciary will hear a range of appeals, there are typically two categories of cases pertaining to K-Ville:

You feel that the K-Ville rules have been misapplied and that you have faced some adverse consequence because of this You feel that your constitutional rights have been violated

Any student may file a case with the Judiciary, and we encourage you to do so when appropriate. More information on the DSG Judiciary, it’s purpose, and how to file a case can be found here: http://www.dukestudentgovernment.org/judiciary

Please email me at jrw91@duke.edu or Chief Justice Analese Bridges at analese.bridges@duke.edu should you have questions or seek assistance in requesting Relief from the Judiciary.

GTHC, Ross Winston Associate Chief Justice Judiciary, Duke Student Government